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All About the Cocktail Bitter

Bitters have started to flourish with many innovative small batch companies. Adding a dash or two to a drink can add complex flavors and balance to most cocktails. However, in these small amounts, this magical ingredient won’t make the whole drink bitter. They’ll just make it better.

At their simplest, bitters are highly concentrated tinctures. Scientifically, tinctures are defined as alcohol-based extractions of plant or animal matter. Since alcohol is both a preservative and solvent, many of these bitters solutions were sold as cure-alls and stomach medicines in the 19th century and before.

The earliest origins of bitters can be traced back as far as the ancient Egyptians, who may have infused medicinal herbs in jars of wine. The botanical ingredients used in preparing bitters have historically consisted of aromatic herbs, bark, roots, and/or fruit for their flavour and medicinal properties, some of the more commonly used ones which have included cascarilla, cassia, gentian, orange peel, and cinchona bark.

We bring you a unique collection of small batch bitters that take cocktail creativity to a new height with emerging new brands from around the country.

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